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i salute you, harry taylor
[Friday, April 07, 2006]

"While I listen to you talk about freedom, I see you assert your right to tap my telephone, to arrest me and hold me without charges, to try to preclude me from breathing clean air and drinking clean water," real estate broker Harry Taylor told Bush at a town hall meeting. "I have never felt more ashamed of, nor more frightened by, my leadership in Washington."

The audience at Central Piedmont Community College booed, but Bush seemed to take the criticism in stride.

"I'm not your favorite guy," the president said. "What's your question?"

Taylor didn't have one, but he wasn't finished.

"I feel like, despite your rhetoric, that compassion and common sense have been left far behind during your administration," he told Bush. "And I would hope, from time to time, that you have the humility and the grace to be ashamed of yourself."

Bush defended his decision to authorize domestic eavesdropping in cases involving conversations between the United States and terrorist suspects or their associates in other countries.

"I'm not going to apologize for what I did on the terrorist surveillance program. ... Would I apologize for that? The answer is, absolutely not," he said to applause.


[Sunday, April 02, 2006]

this postsecret made me cry...


[Saturday, March 25, 2006]

you think youve got problems..what do you do if you ARE a manically depressed robot?

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haha, arent you clever, weather channel?
[Tuesday, March 21, 2006]


i really appreciate the special weather statement writer mocking us. 'haha! no spring for you assholes!'

i worked at 5am sunday--had i to wake up at 430. so when i got home i showered and laid down for a nap at around 5pm. i got out of bed at 6am yesterday that was different...

i spent most of my spring break making my portfolio for my interview. i got the internship and will be starting as soon as classes end. i cant wait! i love philly!
while we were there, we took the subway around, which blew my mind, had a drink at some cute little bar attached to a hotel on jfk blvd on the way to the franklin institute...which is where we saw BODY WORLDS(or as aaron always says, cutely, body works)

i think every human should see that exhibit. it's humbling and disturbing and informative and just an overall an honoring experience. its so hard to accept the fact that we all look pretty much the same on the inside. i found myself thinking, "yeah, sure, but that can't be what I look like inside..." go see it.
too bad stupid americans are offended by their own humanity, or we'd get the full show like they have in europe. sorry america, no skinned equestrian holding up his and his 4-legged friend's brains.

a few philly photosCollapse )


i got on an island
[Sunday, March 12, 2006]

my favourite one is 'smile' :) that was on the david gilmour live dvd too..

i wish i could see him play :(

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i like this points of interest format, im gonna go with it
[Thursday, March 09, 2006]

-ive come to realize that girls intimidate me
i just dont feel like i can be myself around them
as a result i havent had a close girl friend since ali this summer and before that, megan in junior high school
girls, you need to start being more reassuring, dammit!

-i got a cavity filled today at a new dentist in kutztown. his sign is a walrus with big tusks! so cool. i got to wear headphones and watch tiger cubs on animal planet while they drilled and scraped away. i never realized what i was missing at my old evil dentist's

-my cutie dress came all the way from malaysia today. i'll have to take some pictures because its real neat and different. i love ebay :)

-presently, jay's here, everyone in KU is done with classes, and i have to do a project that ive procrastinated on for two weeks.. i still haven't got this time management thing down. arghh..hopefully this break will help get me out of my designer's block...rut thing i've been stuck in lately

anyway i'm just spewing out random thoughts and i need to get work done


[Wednesday, March 08, 2006]

i wish i was good at something...


still searching
[Sunday, March 05, 2006]

some points of interest:

-first of all, livejournal sucks. whered everyone go? :(

-my internship interview is next week which is our spring nervous.. nervous is not so good. i need to get some confidence pronto.. anyone got some to spare? you know, could just sprinkle some over my head and itd be all sparkley and magical.. thatd be great.
i cant wait to live in philly though

-ive been enjoying being 21, but im learning that my body sucks and i cannot drink more than one drink without paying for it with killer headaches and vomiting the next day. i drink water, i take mate? i need to exert this energy into something much better...definitely

-i love bill murray. all he has to do it just stand there with that face of his and i want to cry and give him a big hug. maybe its because he reminds me of my dad, too.. but anyways, i watched broken flowers last night and i really enjoyed it. the ending was surprising. midlife men make me want to cry. maybe its because i'm like a midlife crisising man stuck in a 21-year-old woman's body, which in turn, means i make myself want to cry. by the way, somehow i lost my american beauty! :( i wanted to watch it but it was gone.

-i'm going to start investing some $$ into my computer. it is my greatest tool and i neglect it way too much. sorry putey..

-i want to start traveling. i dont care where. i just want to fill up the gas tank and start driving, for the most part, aimlessly. i need to see what's out there, maybe i'll have a revelation or something. i'll take my camera and cash and whoever wants to come with me. i was talking to my boss and he says he wishes he was 20 years younger, and i got to thinking, i have so much that others envy, and i will envy one day, and i began to wonder if im wasting it. i just wish i had time in my life for..well.. living. but gotta be careful, don't want to screw something up and ruin my whole future! because we all know how much the furutre holds! since im still in broken flowers mode:

"Well, the past is gone, I know that. The future isn't here yet, whatever it's going to be. So, all there is, is this. The present. That's it."

sooo... mostly everyone who took that questionaire thing in my last post said they described me as searching. its an interesting adjective compared to 'kind' or 'intelligent' and i guess its ovbious that you're all right.

-no more photos of the day.. too much work to load and resize them and upload them to photobucket, and all that. but here are some pictures anyway.. pictures get me more comments and comments make me feel nice :)

lookseeCollapse )

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help me help you.. help me
[Wednesday, February 22, 2006]

id be just pleased as punch if you'd click this link for me

thanks jeremy

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a very merry unbirthday to YOU! (except you, nick, merry birthday to you)
[Monday, February 13, 2006]

Joey: You know jamie's 13th birthday was on friday the thirteinth, and i think there was a full moon and POSSIBLE it was a leap year... lol yeah thats Jamie for you though =)
Aaron:Jamie is way more 21 than any of you skanks out there.
Lauren: happy birthday girl!!!
icewav: happy birthday little seems like only yesterday I was buying you beer from duffers
Jacey 2065 happy birthday Jamie
magenter1: happy birthday jamie!!
BlAuEnGeL16: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! well at 12 that is!!! have a good one girl!
(^^i dont even know who that is haha!^^)
RvDShoW777: happy bday bud ... sorry i couldnt make it to the bar .... didnt come back from my hockey game till late
chris: happy 21st birthday! please do not drink as much as i did on friday night.
This Is My Ruin: HAPPY BDAY!!!!!
jpray46: omfg indeed! happy birthday
Tocquen Tweed: birthday wishes
hexnop: happy birthday jamieee
DeAngelis: Happy Birthday To You Jamie My ♥!!!
Jesse: Happy Birthday!
Danielle: Happy Birthday Jamie!!
Kimmy: So I hear it's your Birthday soon.. Enjoy drinking legally.. Hopefully I'll see you guys soon
Meg: Happy Birthday, Jamie!
Trudy: Hooray for Jamie! Today is her holiday! :D Happy Birthday, my dear.
Kutlu: ishyo burfday

sorry for not IMing you, jake <333

I love birthdays so very much!

everyone is so nice to you, just because you were born and you've toughed it out one more year on this big spinning sphere
whoever invented birthdays is awesome

aaron put streamers and heart balloons all over the kitchen this morning while i was sleeping it off. it was real cute. and he got me a screen printing kit so i can make cute shirts! thank you aaron <3

and now phototastic goodness

upon arrival, after the drunk paradise lost guy told us to put our drinks on his tab

us girls. i forsee lots more pictures like this one :)

adam finds me frightening

drink it down!

tomco and i

dirty girlscouts. they taste like thin mints. mmmmmm

getting a little drunk by now


talkin to my brother! yay! joe-joe
you've seen them, you can't unsee them!

drinks i drank last night(mostly from aaron):
3 irish car bombs(1 from lauren)
a jager shot from adam
a buttery nipple from tomco(bartender)
2 double spiced rum and cokes
2 dirty girl scouts(from the weird guy lauren got to buy us drinks)
and a long island iced tea

mom and dad came to visit me and take me out to lunch and buy me a drink. it was really nice, i've missed them. mom got me the traditional buttloads of cute underwear gift. she does it every year and i love it!
then we went to the tavern and i had a cosmo and aaron brought us a nice cake and they sang me happy birthday, hehehe!
oh and we goofed off with the camera too!

<33 love

aand the only thing productive i've done today :P
my birthday life-drawing

all in all, it was an excellent birthday. thanks everyone! love you!

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[Friday, February 10, 2006]

21 is like this surreal thing that's not ever really supposed to happen

i'm going to be 21...
i feel old and new all at once

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[Thursday, February 02, 2006]

more pictures!
no cut this time, so youre forced to seee them!

daily photos:

my fat mander:

new model jim:

by the way, i've noticed that livejournal is truly dying
damn you all for having lives!!

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life drawing
[Tuesday, January 31, 2006]

since my website's not ready yet, and i dont know where these would fit in, i'm sharing my life drawing stuff with you hereCollapse )

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