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well. moving is depressing.
we're cleaning this place up to take some artsy final pictures, because its just so damn pretty here. it makes me sad, but i keep reminding myself of the jerky landlord, the jerky neighbors, the expenses, the loud, riotous drunks outside, and my boss pounding on the wall to wake me up for work.. ugh

it's just strange making a home and then leaving it to someone else. whats worse is i'll have to see the new tenants coming in and out of my old house while i'm still working next door. but hey, if i feel sore about it i can just stand out back and talk loudly real early in the morning like ive become acustomed to dealing with, not to mention the fact that it'll be their turn to get screwed by the landlord.

I plan to design a photo album for the pictures we take. Obviously AND for good reason, I'm damn proud of what we've done with this place.

after the move, i start the internship.
i'll also be waitressing, freelancing as the senior graphic designer for the music department and jazz department, finishing my website, designing posters for my DENTIST, and doing some personal artwork--illustrations, said photo album, serigraphy, and anything else i think of, going on the family vacation and taking a road trip to niagara, canadia with my friends.

yes, i want to grab this (hopefully final) summer vacation by the balls!
or this is just what happens when i drink lots of espresso in my coffee :D
keep it fresh, my babies (whoever still reads this thing) xoxo
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