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[Monday, September 11, 2006]


[Friday, July 07, 2006]

i finished my internship and it was really great. i met lots of nice people and learned a lot and got to bond with some family that i havent seen in a long time.
coming back to kutztown from philly is a downer. one more year and i'll be back down there, hopefully.

now i need to get back into the groove, what with the new apartment, working at the diner more, and doing my freelance (which i just love to neglect *blush*)

back to school sale commercials make me upset.
my summer's halfway over already! i need some adventure. and i need to sleep. waking up at 6am every day takes a toll on me.

this is a boring post.
i need pictures to get you to read anything. and im too lazy to upload them ^_-

nighty night

Current Mood: sleepy


[Saturday, May 27, 2006]

well. moving is depressing.
we're cleaning this place up to take some artsy final pictures, because its just so damn pretty here. it makes me sad, but i keep reminding myself of the jerky landlord, the jerky neighbors, the expenses, the loud, riotous drunks outside, and my boss pounding on the wall to wake me up for work.. ugh

it's just strange making a home and then leaving it to someone else. whats worse is i'll have to see the new tenants coming in and out of my old house while i'm still working next door. but hey, if i feel sore about it i can just stand out back and talk loudly real early in the morning like ive become acustomed to dealing with, not to mention the fact that it'll be their turn to get screwed by the landlord.

I plan to design a photo album for the pictures we take. Obviously AND for good reason, I'm damn proud of what we've done with this place.

after the move, i start the internship.
i'll also be waitressing, freelancing as the senior graphic designer for the music department and jazz department, finishing my website, designing posters for my DENTIST, and doing some personal artwork--illustrations, said photo album, serigraphy, and anything else i think of, going on the family vacation and taking a road trip to niagara, canadia with my friends.

yes, i want to grab this (hopefully final) summer vacation by the balls!
or this is just what happens when i drink lots of espresso in my coffee :D
keep it fresh, my babies (whoever still reads this thing) xoxo

Current Mood: awake


hooray for dean's list
[Thursday, May 18, 2006]

Print Media Production B
Advanced Typography A
Graphic Design II B
Illustration II A
Intro To Life Drawing A

i have 93 credits and a 3.6 GPA

Current Mood: surprised


doodle doodle doodle... fun word
[Saturday, May 13, 2006]

i did this doodle today

i like it
i need to doodle more

Current Mood: groggy


[Saturday, May 06, 2006]

who am i kidding?
.... im never going to see radiohead

apparently only rich people get to go to concerts these days.

last night was fun. even though i had to work this morning, i said fuck it and went out. and i had a great time. it was like the old days.
i need to do that more often
like tonight, when we go to ali and justine's for bonfirey goodness :)

Current Mood: disappointed


[Thursday, May 04, 2006]

i need to get radiohead tickets this weekend. i just HAVE to.

Current Mood: busy


[Saturday, April 29, 2006]

go here to see my life drawing stuff
(its the gallery button)

Current Mood: unproductive


[Wednesday, April 26, 2006]

i want to run away
from all of it

Current Mood: caged


[Tuesday, April 25, 2006]

school is almost over
then its internship
then its summer class
then its back to school..

i'm working on my website
i'd like to get some work uploaded..mostly its life-drawing things that i'm aiming at for now, since they dont need to be presented all pretty-like

in other news, our government is lying to us all about everything and every day this country is looking more and more like an excerpt from 1984. do your homework, kids, don't believe everything youre told--or most of it, for that matter.

Current Mood: cynical


boredom....... ba-dum ba-dum
[Friday, April 21, 2006]

Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating.

1. How does the world see you? ain't no sunshine when she's gone
2. Will I have a happy life? the fairest of the seasons
3. What do my friends really think of me? tired of waiting for you
4. Do people secretly lust after me? follow me around
5. How can I make myself happy? change(acoustic)
6. What should I do with my life? tomorrow comes today
7. What is some good advice for me? my name is mud
8. How will I be remembered? delicate
9. What is my signature dancing song? i'll be here awhile
10. What do I think my current theme song is? the lovecats
11. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? lovefool
12. What song will play at my funeral? some devil
13. What kind of men or women do I like? stuck in the middle with you
14. What is my day going to be like? a journey to a star

Current Mood: blah


[Friday, April 14, 2006]

im outta here

Current Mood: overwhelmed


bush snacks on kittens
[Wednesday, April 12, 2006]